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The Tratten working group is dedicated to following everything that moves in the EP as closely as possible. It helps a lot to have computing resources set up for that purpose. Check out what's in the funnel: Tratten/oeil/Stage_reached_in_procedure, and have a look at Tratten/oeil/Rapporteurs_per_dossier_and_committee.

Monitoring HowTo

  • First, log into as (ask ehj for pw).
  • Then copy an oeil url (e.g. this one) and paste it into this page.
  • When you have clicked on "Next", the following page will present you a title, in this case "Legislative Observatory: Procedure file, legislative dossier - European Parliament, INI/2010/2103".
  • Now, this is 1) too long and 2) the information generated before "INI/2010/2103" is the same for all oeil pages you send to the changedetection service. So you have to enter a new name.
  • The new name must follow the tratten naming standard, that is the dossier's number (in this case "INI/2010/2103"), followed by one space and a shortened and distinct version of the title of the dossier, in this case I have chosen "Climate change imperatives in International Trade"
  • Fill in the box "submit the page to public directory" at bottom left of the page.
  • Click on Create button at bottom right of the page.
  • Done! Changedetection will tell you that "Your page monitor has been created". It's name is "INI/2010/2103 Climate change imperatives in International Trade" and will be listed together with all monitored pages on this page.
  • Now the tratten scripts can access and process the information on changedetection and integrate it with tratten pages on this wiki.

Suggest candidates for monitoring

Please list your candidate dossiers for monitoring here. Add a line or two about why you think it should be monitored. All changes to the /oeil overview page will be mailed to Tratten's working group.

  • don't be shy, just put it here :-)

Already monitored dossiers

Dossiers below are registered with changedetection which means every change to the /oeil page will be mailed to Tratten's working group. The tratten links are links to pages which will be created as interest grows in that particular dossier. The table is generated by the script get-monitored which you find here.

ACI - interinstitutional agreement procedure
BUD - budgetary procedure
CNS - consultation
COD - codecision
COM - document received for information
DEC - discharge procedure
INI - own-initiative procedure 
INS - institutional
NLE - non-legislative interinstitutional procedure 
RSP - resolutions on topical subjects 
SEC - document received for information
tratten link summary log file
ACI/2010/2042 Interinstitutional Agreement in budgetary matters [1]
ACI/2010/2118 Framework agreemen EP-Commission [2]
ACI/2010/2291Transparency Register between EP and Commission [3]
ACTA P7_TA-PROV(2010)0058 [4]
APP/2010/0347 EU Agency for Fundamental Rights [5]
BUD/2010/2046 Amending budget 2/2010 for BEREC [6]
BUD/2010/2279 NL redundancies in ICT [7]
CNS/2000/0812 Public procurement: award, criminal law protection against fraudulent or unfair conduct [8]
CNS/2001/0822 Europol: forgery of money [9]
CNS/2003/0326 Community patent: jurisdiction on the Court of Justice in disputes [10]
CNS/2004/0113 Criminal judicial cooperation: procedural rights in criminal proceedings throughout European Union [11]
CNS/2004/0813 Prevention of crime, criminal offences and terrorism, retention of data processed on public communications networks [12]
CNS/2005/0125 EU Agency for Fundamental Rights [13]
CNS/2005/0207 Availability of information for Member States' law enforcement authorities and for Europol officers [14]
CNS/2006/0277 Preventing citizens from voting or standing twice in European elections [15]
CNS/2007/0237 PNR - Passenger Name Records for law enforcement purposes [16]
CNS/2008/0102 Europol, staff: jurisdictional immunities [17]
CNS/2009/0032 Schengen: evaluation mechanism. Decision. [18]
CNS/2009/0040 Agricultural holdings: network for the collection of accountancy [19]
CNS/2009/0049 Combating sexual abuse (repeal. Decision 2004/68/JHA) [20]
CNS/2009/0050 Trafficking in human beings [21]
CNS/2009/0055 Osama bin Laden, the Al-Qaida network and the Taliban [22]
CNS/2009/0090 Operational management of SIS II and VIS [23]
CNS/2009/0101 Judicial cooperation [24]
CNS/2009/0104 Exemptions from a visa requirement [25]
CNS/2009/0130 Comparisons with EURODAC data by Europol and Member States' law enforcement authorities [26]
CNS/2009/0137 Migration from the SIS I to SIS II [27]
CNS/2009/0802 Judicial cooperation in criminal matters [28]
CNS/2009/0803 Convention on the use of information technology for customs purposes. [29]
CNS/2009/0804 Europol staff: adjustment of basic salaries and allowances [30]
CNS/2009/0805 Europol staff: adjustment of basic salaries and allowances [31]
CNS/2009/0806 Accreditation of forensic laboratory activities (DNA and fingerprints) [32]
CNS/2009/0807 Europol: rules on the confidentiality of information [33]
CNS/2009/0808 Europol: relations with partners (including exchange of data and classified information) [34]
CNS/2009/0809 Europol: list of third states and organisations (for conclusion of agreements) [35]
CNS/2009/0810 Europol: analysis work files. Implementing rules [36]
CNS/2009/0811 Transfer of proceedings in criminal matters [37]
CNS/2009/0812 European Crime Prevention Network EUCPN [38]
CNS/2010/0198 EU patent translation arrangements [39]
COD/2000/0177 Community patent [40]
COD/2003/0246 Right of access to information. Aarhus Convention. [41]
COD/2003/0324 Establishing a Community Patent Court [42]
COD/2004/0203 Industrial property: legal protection of designs [43]
COD/2005/0087 European Aviation Safety Agency [44]
COD/2005/0089 FRONTEX Executive Director term of office [45]
COD/2005/0127 IPRED2 [46]
COD/2005/0214 Freedom of movement of persons [47]
COD/2006/0006 Social security: implementing the regulation on coordination of the national systems to promote the free movement of persons [48]
COD/2006/0008 Social security: coordination of the national systems to promote the free movement of persons [49]
COD/2006/0025 Introduction of a common [50]
COD/2007/0247 Telecoms Package Trautmann [51]
COD/2007/0248 Telecoms Package Harbour [52]
COD/2007/0249 Telecoms Package BEREC [53]
COD/2007/0256 Statistical classification of economic activities [54]
COD/2008/0090 Public access to EU documents [55]
COD/2008/0127 Air transport: performance and sustainability of the aviation system [56]
COD/2008/0128 Civil aviation: safety aspects of aerodromes, air traffic management and air navigation services [57]
COD/2008/0142 Patient rights in cross border healthcare [58]
COD/2008/0157 Intellectual property: term of protection of copyright and related rights [59]
COD/2008/0185 European public administrations ISA: interoperability solutions [60]
COD/2008/0190 Electronic money: supervision of the business of electronic money institutions [61]
COD/2008/0196 Consumer rights [62]
COD/2008/0200 Critical Infrastructure Warning Information Network CIWIN [63]
COD/2008/0214 Frequency bands to be reserved pan-European mobile communications [64]
COD/2008/0237 Rights of passengers; cooperation between national authorities. [65]
COD/2008/0242 EURODAC - comparison of fingerprints [66]
COD/2008/0246 Rights of passengers; coordination between national authorities [67]
COD/2008/0261 Falsified medicinal products [68]
COD/2008/0263 Intelligent Transport Systems [69]
COD/2009/0025 Alerts in SIS [70]
COD/2009/0027 European Asylum Support Office [71]
COD/2009/0028 Movement of persons with a long-stay visa [72]
COD/2009/0037 Trans-European networks [73]
COD/2009/0047 Satellite radio-navigation programmes EGNOS and Galileo [74]
COD/2009/0056 Audiovisual Media Services: coordination of certain provisions [75]
COD/2009/0060B Promotion of democracy and human rights worldwide [76]
COD/2009/0070 European Earth observation programme (GMES) [77]
COD/2009/0089 Agency for the operational management of large-scale IT systems [78]
COD/2009/0127 Management of Migration Flows [79]
COD/2009/0140 Oversight of the financial system [80]
COD/2009/0164 Status of third country nationals or stateless persons [81]
COD/2009/0165 Asylum: minimum standards [82]
COD/2009/0170 Civil aviation safety [83]
COD/2010/0032 EU/Korea Free Trade Agreement [84]
COD/2010/0039 Cooperation Agency for FRONTEX [85]
COD/2010/0051 Mechanisms for control of Commission by Member States [86]
COD/2010/0064 Internet blocking [87]
COD/2010/0065 Trafficking in human beings [88]
COD/2010/0074 Citizens' initiative [89]
COD/2010/0095 Rules on Information Society services [90]
COD/2010/0252 Radio spectrum policy [91]
COD/2010/0273 Attacks against information systems [92]
COD/2010/0274 Information Security Agency ENISA [93]
COD/2010/0275 ENISA development [94]
COD/2010/0282 GNSS [95]
COD/2010/0325 External borders and travel documents [96]
COD/2010/0801 Criminal proceedings - rights to interpretation and translation [97]
COD/2010/0802 European Protection Order [98]
COM/2008/0666 Safe, Innovative and Accessible Medicines [99]
COM/2008/0689 Telemedicine for the benefit of patients, healthcare systems and society [100]
COM/2008/0798 E-signatures and e-identification in the Single Market [101]
COM/2008/0804 Towards an accessible information society [102]
COM/2008/0845 Legal Framework for Mobile TV Networks and Services [103]
COM/2008/0886 Deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems in Europe [104]
COM/2009/0016 Better Regulation. Reducing Administrative Burdens in the European Union [105]
COM/2009/0020 Technological developments in the field of e-invoicing [106]
COM/2009/0030 Financing aviation security [107]
COM/2009/0036 Investing today for tomorrow's Europe [108]
COM/2009/0103 Better access for rural areas to modern ICT [109]
COM/2009/0108 ICT infrastructures for e-science [110]
COM/2009/0111 Mobilising information and communication technologies ICT to facilitate the transition to an energy-efficient, low-carbon economy [111]
COM/2009/0116 A Strategy for ICT R&D and Innovation in Europe: Raising the Game [112]
COM/2009/0133 Development of SIS II [113]
COM/2009/0140 Single European Electronic Communications Market 2008 [114]
COM/2009/0149 Protecting Europe from large scale cyber-attacks [115]
COM/2009/0184 Moving the ICT frontiers. A strategy for research on future and emerging technologies in Europe [116]
COM/2009/0200 EU Strategy for Youth - Investing and Empowering [117]
COM/2009/0205 Monitoring of compliance with the charter of fundamental rights [118]
COM/2009/0212 Re-use of Public Sector Information [119]
COM/2009/0247 Final evaluation of the implementation of the IDABC programme [120]
COM/2009/0262 The Stockholm Program Declaration [121]
COM/2009/0263 Evaluation of the Hague Programme and Action Plan [122]
COM/2009/0266 Monitoring the implementation of the European Pact on Immigration and Asylum [123]
COM/2009/0277 Internet governance: the next steps [124]
COM/2009/0278 Internet of Things - An action plan for Europe [125]
COM/2009/0279 Sustainable future for transport [126]
COM/2009/0303 Implementation, functioning and effectiveness of the ‘.eu’ TLD [127]
COM/2009/0324 Modernising ICT Standardisation in the EU [128]
COM/2009/0330 Enforcement of the consumer acquis [129]
COM/2009/0331 Public access to EU documents. Report. [130]
COM/2009/0336 Cooperation for the enforcement of consumer protection [131]
COM/2009/0343 Relations between the European Commission and national parliaments [132]
COM/2009/0346 Reporting consumer complaints [133]
COM/2009/0351 Pharmaceutical Sector Inquiry Report [134]
COM/2009/0374 Competition Policy 2008 [135]
COM/2009/0390 Europe's Digital Competitiveness Report. Main achievements. [136]
COM/2009/0404 EU statistics [137]
COM/2009/0433 GDP and beyond - Measuring progress in a changing world [138]
COM/2009/0434 eCall: Time for Deployment [139]
COM/2009/0440 Europeana - next steps. [140]
COM/2009/0442 Reviewing Community innovation policy in a changing world [141]
COM/2009/0447 Joint EU Resettlement Programme [142]
COM/2009/0458 Policy framework for a whole-of-the-Union [143]
COM/2009/0467 Enhancing the enforcement of IPR [144]
COM/2009/0479 Public-private partnership on the future internet [145]
COM/2009/0504 Subsidiarity and propotionality [146]
COM/2009/0519 Investing in the Development of Low Carbon Technologies (SET-Plan) [147]
COM/2009/0532 Copyright in the Knowledge Economy [148]
COM/2009/0557 e-Commerce in the EU [149]
COM/2009/0558 Research in EU in 2008. [150]
COM/2009/0586 Transforming the digital dividend [151]
COM/2009/0612 Register of Interest Representatives [152]
COM/2009/0622 European Citizens' Initiative [153]
COM/2009/0647 EU 2020 strategy [154]
COM/2009/0658 Frontex surveillance of sea external borders [155]
COM/2009/0661 State Aid Scoreboard [156]
COM/2009/0665 Consequences of Lisbon for ongoing interinstitutional decision-making procedures [157]
COM/2009/0673 Implementation of Art. 290 TFEU [158]
COM/2009/0678 Lisbon 2nd Implementation Report [159]
COM/2009/0691 EU Security Research and Innovation [160]
COM/2010/0159 Millennium Development Goals [161]
COM/2010/0170 State of data protection [162]
COM/2010/0171 Action Plan implementing the Stockholm Programme [163]
COM/2010/0183 Cultural and creative industries [164]
COM/2010/0214 Immigration and Asylum 2009 [165]
COM/2010/0245 Digital Agenda for Europe [166]
COM/2010/0253 Electronic communications market 2009 [167]
COM/2010/0261 Administrative costs of control and the risk of error [168]
COM/2010/0271 Consolidation electronic communications [169]
COM/2010/0282 2009 Competition Policy Report [170]
COM/2010/0287 EU Geneva delegation [171]
COM/2010/0291 Relations between Commission and national parliaments [172]
COM/2010/0308 Global Navigation Satellite System [173]
COM/2010/0385 Information management in the area of freedom security and justice [174]
COM/2010/0386 EU counter terrorism policy [175]
COM/2010/0472 European broadband [176]
COM/2010/0477 Youth on the move [177]
COM/2010/0487 European cinema in the digital era [178]
COM/2010/0492 PNR data to third countries [179]
COM/2010/0571 e-Procurement [180]
COM/2010/0573 Implementation of the Charter [181]
COM/2010/0603 EU Citizenship Report 2010 [182]
COM/2010/0608-1 Towards a Single Market Act [183]
COM/2010/0614 Competitiveness and sustainability [184]
COM/2010/0623 Commission Work Programme 2011 [185]
COM/2010/0632 Research and developement 2009 [186]
COM/2010/0636 European Disability Strategy [187]
COM/2010/0657 Data on registration of new passenger cars [188]
COM/2010/0673 EU internal security strategy [189]
COM/2010/0682 Agenda for new skills and jobs [190]
COM/2010/0712 Electronic invoicing [191]
COM/2010/2020 Europe 2020 - A strategy for growth [192]
DEC/2009/2076 European Data Protection Supervisor Budget 2008 [193]
DEC/2009/2113 European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights FRA [194]
DEC/2009/2117 Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union CdT [195]
DEC/2009/2122 European Aviation Safety Agency EASA [196]
DEC/2009/2125 European Network and Information Security Agency ENISA [197]
DEC/2009/2127 European Police College CEPOL [198]
DEC/2009/2128 2008 discharge FRONTEX [199]
DEC/2010/2190 Embedded Computing Systems discharge [200]
DEC/2010/2192 ENISA discharge [201]
INI/2009/2057 Choices of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) in 2008 [202]
INI/2009/2142 Subsidiarity and proportionality [203]
INI/2009/2150 Effects of the global financial and economic crisis on developing countries [204]
INI/2009/2158 Europeana - next steps [205]
INI/2009/2159 EU Strategy for Youth [206]
INI/2009/2161 Protection of fundamental rights in the EU (2009) [207]
INI/2009/2171 Poverty reduction and job creation [208]
INI/2009/2173 Competition Policy 2008 [209]
INI/2009/2175 Public procurement [210]
INI/2009/2176 Obstacles to the internal market EEA-Switzerland [211]
INI/2009/2178 Enforcement of intellectual property rights [212]
INI/2009/2182 Financial, economic and social crisis [213]
INI/2009/2198 European Security Strategy and the Common Security and Defence Policy [214]
INI/2009/2199 Human rights defenders [215]
INI/2009/2212 Exercise of EP's right of inquiry [216]
INI/2009/2219 Human rights in international trade agreements [217]
INI/2009/2224 Internet of things [218]
INI/2009/2225 EU Digital Agenda [219]
INI/2009/2227 Community innovation policy [220]
INI/2009/2228 ICT for the low-carbon economy [221]
INI/2009/2229 Internet governance [222]
INI/2009/2233 Achieving real EU cohesion [223]
INI/2009/2240 EU resettlement programme [224]
INI/2009/2241 Accession by EU to ECHR [225]
INI/2009/2243 Earmarked research and innovation [226]
INI/2010/2011 Single market for consumers and citizens [227]
INI/2010/2012 Internal market for eCommerce [228]
INI/2010/2015 Journalism and new media [229]
INI/2010/2016 Independent impact assessments [230]
INI/2010/2021 Power of legislative delegation [231]
INI/2010/2026 EU's trade relations with Latin-America [232]
INI/2010/2028 Public service broadcasting in the digital era [233]
INI/2010/2051 Future of European standardisation [234]
INI/2010/2052 Impact of advertising on consumer behaviour [235]
INI/2010/2055 Interconnection of business registers [236]
INI/2010/2059 European Ombudsman: report on 2009 [237]
INI/2010/2080 Stockholm Programme implementation [238]
INI/2010/2095 Industrial Policy for the globalised era [239]
INI/2010/2103 Climate change imperatives in International Trade [240]
INI/2010/2152 2020 Trade Policy [241]
INI/2010/2156 Cultural and creative industries [242]
INI/2010/2161 Cultural dimensions EU external actions [243]
INI/2010/2202 Human Rights 2009 [244]
INI/2010/2208 Global Navigation Satellite Systems [245]
INI/2010/2245 Innovation Union [246]
INI/2010/2274 Emergency number 112 [247]
INI/2010/2277 Single Market for Enterprises and Growth [248]
INI/2010/2278 Single Market for Europeans [249]
INS/2009/2051 Appointment of Pawel Samecki as a Member of the Commission [250]
INS/2009/2052 Appointment of Algirdas Šemeta as a Member of the Commission [251]
INS/2009/2053 Election of the President of the European Commission [252]
INS/2009/2064 Appointment of Karel De Gucht as a Member of the Commission [253]
INS/2009/2209 Election of the new Commission [254]
NLE/2003/0132 Passengers and luggage - liability of maritime carriers [255]
NLE/2006/0058 EC/United States agreement: air services, replacing the bilateral agreements by a Community agreement [256]
NLE/2006/0252 Examination of asylum applications [257]
NLE/2007/0111 EC/USA agreement: cooperation in the regulation of civil aviation safety [258]
NLE/2008/0061 EPA with CARIFORUM [259]
NLE/2008/0111 ICAO agreement: security audits, inspections and related matters [260]
NLE/2008/0113 EU/US: specific commitments on gambling and betting services [261]
NLE/2008/0137 EPA with Ghana [262]
NLE/2008/0177 EPA with African SADC States [263]
NLE/2008/0251 EPA with Africa ESA States [264]
NLE/2009/0033 Evaluation of the application of the Schengen acquis [265]
NLE/2009/0065 EC/Jordan agreement: scientific and technological cooperation [266]
NLE/2009/0073 Frontex in Switzerland and Liechtenstein [267]
NLE/2009/0081 EC/Japan Agreement: cooperation in science and technology [268]
NLE/2009/0136 Migration from SIS I to SIS II [269]
NLE/2009/0148 External Borders Fund - Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein [270]
NLE/2009/0156 EC/Canada agreement: civil aviation safety [271]
NLE/2009/0168 Schengen - EC/Iceland/Liechtenstein/Norway/Switzerland arrangement [272]
NLE/2009/0186 EU/Australia PNR agreement [273]
NLE/2009/0187 EU/USA PNR agreement [274]
NLE/2009/0188 EU/Japan mutual criminal assistance [275]
NLE/2009/0189 EU/Iceland/Norway mutual criminal assistance [276]
NLE/2009/0190 EU/USA Financial Messaging Data Terrorist Tracking [277]
NLE/2009/0191 EU/Iceland/Norway terrorism cooperation [278]
NLE/2009/0813 Composition of the EP [279]
NLE/2009/0814 Composition of the European Parliament [280]
NLE/2010/0006 Migration to SIS II [281]
NLE/2010/0075 EU/Korea FTA: conclusion [282]
NLE/2010/0112 EC_USA Air Transport Agreement - Protocol to amend the Agreement [283]
NLE/2010/0178 EU USA transfer of Financial Messaging Data [284]
NLE/2010/0814 SIS in Bulgaria and Romania [285]
NLE/2010/0816 EEAS organisation and functioning [286]
REG/2009/2062 Adaptation of the EP RoP [287]
RPS/2009/2755 External maritime borders by Frontex [288]
RSP/2009/2534 Stockholm programme [289]
RSP/2009/2611 Results of the referendum in Ireland [290]
RSP/2009/2636 Climate change and developing countries [291]
RSP/2009/2670 SWIFT [292]
RSP/2009/2672 Free trade agreement with South Korea [293]
RSP/2009/2673 Immigration, the role of Frontex and cooperation between the Member States [294]
RSP/2009/2688 Freedom of information in Italy [295]
RSP/2009/2689 Programme of the Spanish Presidency and 18-month programme of the three Presidencies [296]
RSP/2009/2696 Commission 2010 Law/Work Program [297]
RSP/2009/2703 Google's project to digitise the world's book heritage [298]
RSP/2009/2717 European External Action Service [299]
RSP/2009/2720 Access to vaccines [300]
RSP/2009/2721 Progress of SIS II and VIS [301]
RSP/2009/2730 WTO Ministerial Conference [302]
RSP/2009/2731 Transatlantic judicial and police cooperation [303]
RSP/2009/2759 Commission activities by policy section [304]
RSP/2009/2761 Access to documents [305]
RSP/2009/2770 Rights of individuals (Lisbon Treaty) [306]
RSP/2009/2783 Procedural rights in criminal proceedings [307]
RSP/2009/2784 Online gambling [308]
RSP/2009/2806 Azerbaijan: freedom of expression [309]
RSP/2009/2821 EU-South Korea Free Trade Agreement [310]
RSP/2009/2823 Resettlement of Guantánamo detainees [311]
RSP/2010/2509 Body scanners [312]
RSP/2010/2513 Human rights violations in China (Liu Xiaobao) [313]
RSP/2010/2516 SWIFT [314]
RSP/2010/2519 Framework Agreement between EP and Commission [315]
RSP/2010/2520 College of Commissioners [316]
RSP/2010/2527 Functioning of intelligence services [317]
RSP/2010/2528 UN Human Rights Council - EP's priorities [318]
RSP/2010/2540 Framework Agreement on relations between the EP and the Commission [319]
RSP/2010/2571 Lisbon Treaty: pending legislative procedures [320]
RSP/2010/2572 ACTA [321]
RSP/2010/2591 Europe 2020 - Jobs and Growth [322]
RSP/2010/2603 South Korea - death penalty declared legal [323]
RSP/2010/2639 Commission Work Programme for 2011 [324]
RSP/2010/2647 Accession of EU to ECHR [325]
RSP/2010/2649 SWIFT [326]
RSP/2010/2657 PNR [327]
RSP/2010/2674 Universality of social public services in the EU [328]
RSP/2010/2695 Stockholm Action Plan [329]
RSP/2010/2705 Europe 2020 [330]
RSP/2010/2746 Iceland EU membership [331]
RSP/2010/2774 Freedom of expression and press freedom in EU [332]
RSP/2010/2784 Fines in antitrust cases [333]
RSP/2010/2786 ACTA negotiations [334]
RSP/2010/2863 EU-US Data Protection Agreement [335]
RSP/2010/2880 Single Market Act [336]
RSP/2010/2899 EU External PNR Strategy [337]
RSP/2010/2927 Innovation partnerships [338]
RSP/2010/2935 ACTA [339]
RSP/2010/2969 Results of the G20 summit [340]
SEC/2008/2915 Towards an accessible information society. Report on the Public Consultation. [341]
SEC/2008/2916 Towards an accessible information society [342]
SEC/2008/3065 Consumer safety mark and CE marking [343]
SEC/2009/0134 Internal Market Scoreboard No 18 [344]
SEC/2009/0225 Questionnaire on fundamental rights in the fight against terrorism [345]
SEC/2009/0254 Better access for rural areas to modern ICT [346]
SEC/2009/0268 Projects on ICT for energy efficiency and on energy efficient ICTs [347]
SEC/2009/0269 Mobilising information and communication technologies ICT to facilitate the transition to an energy efficient, low carbon economy [348]
SEC/2009/0270 Mobilising information and communication technologies ICT to facilitate the transition to an energy efficient, low carbon economy [349]
SEC/2009/0283 Cross-border e-commerce in the EU [350]
SEC/2009/0289 A Strategy for ICT R&D and Innovation in Europe: Raising the Game [351]
SEC/2009/0376 Single European Electronic Communications Market [352]
SEC/2009/0399 Critical Information Infrastructure Protection [353]
SEC/2009/0400 Critical Information Infrastructure Protection [354]
SEC/2009/0501 Design as a driver of user-centred innovation [355]
SEC/2009/0545 EU Strategy for Youth – Investing and Empowering. Impact Assessment [356]
SEC/2009/0546 EU Strategy for Youth - Investing and Empowering [357]
SEC/2009/0548 EU Strategy for Youth – for a greater understanding and knowledge of youth [358]
SEC/2009/0549 EU Strategy for Youth [359]
SEC/2009/0597 Re-use of Public Sector Information. Review of the PSI Directive 2003/98/EC [360]
SEC/2009/0765 Evaluation of the Hague Programme and Action Plan [361]
SEC/2009/0766 Evaluation of the Hague Programme and Action Plan [362]
SEC/2009/0767 Evaluation of the Hague Programme and Action Plan [363]
SEC/2009/0943 Telemedicine for healthcare systems and society [364]
SEC/2009/0949 Classifying and reporting consumer complaints [365]
SEC/2009/1004 Competition Policy 2008. Accompanying document [366]
SEC/2009/1007 Internal Market Scoreboard No 19 [367]
SEC/2009/1033 External Dimension of Audiovisual Policy [368]
SEC/2009/1060 Europe's Digital Competitiveness Report [369]
SEC/2009/1075 EAGF expenditure: early warning system No 4-5/2009 [370]
SEC/2009/1103 Europe's Digital Competitiveness Report. Volume 1: i2010 [371]
SEC/2009/1104 Digital Competitiveness Report. Volume 2: i2010 [372]
SEC/2009/1111 European industry in a changing world [373]
SEC/2009/1118 Progress report on the first three years of Horizon 2020 [374]
SEC/2009/1124 Europeana. Questions. Overview. [375]
SEC/2009/1194 Community innovation policies [376]
SEC/2009/1195 Fostering new markets and jobs through innovation [377]
SEC/2009/1196 Financing innovation and SMEs [378]
SEC/2009/1197 Making public support for innovation in the EU more effective [379]
SEC/2009/1212 Action Plan on Urban Mobility [380]
SEC/2009/1265 European Border Surveillance System (EUROSUR) [381]
SEC/2009/1295 Investing in Low Carbon Technologies [382]
SEC/2009/1296 R&D investment in Low Carbon Technologies [383]
SEC/2009/1297 Investing in Low Carbon Technologies. Impact assessment [384]
SEC/2009/1298 Investing in Low Carbon Technologies. Summary of impact assessment [385]
SEC/2009/1360 Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Report 2009 [386]
SEC/2009/1380 Research in 2008 [387]
SEC/2009/1436 Transforming the digital dividend. Impact assessment [388]
SEC/2009/1437 Transforming the digital dividend. Impact assessment [389]
SEC/2009/1657 European Competitiveness Report 2009 [390]
SEC/2010/0037 Combating child labour [391]
SEC/2010/0073 Marine Data Infrastructure [392]
SEC/2010/0114 Lisbon Strategy evaluation [393]
SEC/2010/0116 Europe 2020 – public consultation [394]
SEC/2010/0131 Scanning of containers [395]
SEC/2010/0246 Europe 2020 – Public consultation responses [396]
SEC/2010/0535 Immigration and Asylum 2009 accompanying document [397]
SEC/2010/0613 TEN T Policy Review [398]
SEC/2010/0630 Electronic communications market 2009 [399]
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